A DURIANDERFUL DISCOVERY. Last week we made a happy discovery of three fruiting DURIAN trees growing in San Pablo, Laguna. If someone told us that these trees were teleported from
Davao, we will believe it. The fruit was of very good quality and there were no complaints, only praises, from the Founder Members who got them through a closed, exclusive sale. 200 kilos, it sold out in 6 hours, that quick! This week the next batch of Durians, 100’kilos from the same trees, will be given to us again. First come, first happy, we will give them to the group via an open Snap Buy.

These are the Durians and the harworking men (and horse) that harvested them last week. They are as delicious as they are beautiful.

SNAP BUY: DURIAN. We are looking for 30 Rural Rising members to send a truck to San Pablo, Laguna with P550 in order to get Durian. Your share for supporting this effort is a big bag, 3 kilos of Durian inside. If you are a Founder Member, you will get 3.5 kilos. A very good deal—see price comparison.


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