We have 200 kilos of these awesome uglies. Available NOW.

WE JUDGED A BOOK BY ITS COVER. And almost regretted it. With so many other citrus fruits floating about in RuRi House, we did not give the ABULUG POMELOS a second look. With it’s rough exterior, you can understand why it can be a little under-rated. We completely missed a favorable feedbacks from members saying something like :these Abulugs will give Davao pomelos a run for their money”. Who would think, right? These three remaining Abulugs got sent to Camp Mingan and there, a full month later, we finally got to try. Imagine our sweet surprise! Why we very nearly missed out on a fine fruit discovery. Based on the impression these beautiful ugly ducklings gave us, we are arranging to get the final Abulug Pomelo harvest from Cagayan. This time, Andie and I are first in line before everyone else to get our allocation. No, we shall not make the same mistake again.

ABULUG POMELO SNAP BUY. We are looking for RuRi members to partake of these sweet pomelos. For P499, you shall get 3 kilos.


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