BOGO ALIAGA ALIGUE + ORGANIC TOMATOES. These were made by farmer hands in Brgy. Sta. Monica, Aliaga, Nueva Ecija. They made a first-time appearance at the Mother’s Day event in UP Town. I you are seeing posts here of pasta with Aligue Sauce toppings, down galing yun. The pictures made me crave for a taste so I opened one bottle. I found this inside, a crab claw. Medyo dismayed that it got in there but at the same time it is SOLID PROOF that the farmers are telling the truth. Pure Aligue nga in there, unlike fake aligue sauces that use arena. Yes, we shall tell the farmers of Aliaga to do more more careful QC on the final product. But yes, we shall continue to help them starting now, our first SNAP BUY for Aliaga Aligue.

BOGO ALIGUE + ORGANIC TOMATOES. We are looking for 50 Rural Rising members to buy 2 bottles of Aliaga Aligue, get 250 grams of Organic Tomatoes from Sagada, Mt. Province. Perfect pairing. This is how the Aligue bottles look like (delectable!) and this is how the tomatoes look like (lovely!) Pay only P550.


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