AUBERBREENS. Of all the highland vegetables we’re sourcing directly from our farmers, the most sought after are AUBERGINES. Have you ever seen us do an Aubergine Rescue Buy. Never, di ba? We never had to because Aubergines, for their relative rarity, command the price. How surprised we were to make a twin discovery. Aubergines that grow not in the uppermost mountain provinces but in the deep Ilocos—and these aubergines are not purple but GREEN. We’d like to call them “Aubergreens” plump and full of flesh with a sweeter and less bitter flavor. Oh how amazing the diversity of nature if you can discover them.

These are the actual Aubergreens, the biggest ones they can give. The ones we shall give you will be BIGGER. The plants come to full maturity SECOND WEEK of April 2022.

AUBERGREENS GROUP BUY. We are looking for Rural Rising members to support a Group Buy for Green Aubergines. If you contribute P500, your share will be 4 kilos of freshly-harvested Green Aubergines.


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