BALIKTANAW BALATINAW. Remembering the cauliflower farmers from Sta. Catalina, Ilocos Sur, the ones who were forced to sell their harvest for 4 pesos per kilo? They family shifted to BLACK RICE this season and we could not be any happier for them. It’s their very first time to do so and admittedly, they had no idea about the price. When we said we’re willing to give them the same price we give our Mt. Province farmers, boy they could not be any happier. Black Rice harvested and milled on the same day, and sent to RuRi House within 24 hours, how fresh, how delicious would that would taste? Nothing I could think of right now would make the group happier.

ILCOOS BALATINAW RICE SNAP BUY. We are hoping to give this hopeful farmer a fair price for his first ever Balatinaw Black Rice Harvest. It’s P499 for 2 kilos.


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