GOING BACK TO THE BASILS. Ruri, dust off your Basil recipes because we have found a new farmer (at last!) who can supply us with Basil during these dry summer season. Our previous farmer unfortunately, was forced to abandon her farm due to the lack of water but this farmer managed to bring in irrigation and survive his Basil. Having done that, he now faces the next dilemma, you have heard it before, the LACK OF BUYERS. What do you do when you have 100 kilos of Basil that you must harvest everyday for one week? He must toil to prune the leaves, wether there is a buyer or not, in order to keep them from sprouting. He is caught between a bonanza and a disaster. RuRi, are you are back, are you ready to back the Rescue Buys again to support this farmers and others similarly distressed?

BASIL RESCUE BUY. We are coming to you with this farmer’s hopes and fear for his Basil harvest. If you give P220, your share shall be 1 full kilo.


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