BATWAN NOT ONE BUT TWO. We are helping an Ibajay, Aklan farmer named Doydoy. These 50 kilos are trvalelling on the boat, freshly harvested today as you can see. We’ll announce pickup as soon as they arrive. Brush up your BATWAN menus!

P399 for 2 kilos. Arrives in 3 days time.
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ALJON AND THE BATWAN. I’d like to talk about a forager I met during the pandemic. A man named Aljon, from Ibajay, Aklan. If you have had the chance to enjoy Batwans and “Lagkitan” bananas, those were from him. Aljon was not always a forager. In fact before the pandemic he had a job as a head waiter in Boracay. As it so happened to many other restaurants, the pandemic forced his boss to close his business and send the staff away. A jobless and desperate Aljon came to RuRi to sell what he could find in the forest outside his town. You guessed it, it was batwan and bananas. You cannot guess how desperate: he would climb the trees and force a song so he can capture our attention, make us want to buy. We did not post these videos. We felt how afraid he was to climb thinner and ever thinner branches, he was singing so he would not look down. Here was a man who would do anything to survive, to feed his family. You’ve heard that phrase “he cannot sing to save his life”? Here was a man who was singing to save his.
The other day, I called Aljon to ask if he had anymore Batwans. We remembered him because the dish we happen to have at a Bacolod Chicken Inasal inside the Quezon City Circle was something called KBL (Kadyos, Baboy at Langka). Its souring agent was Batwan. So we called Aljon to ask if he had any more batwan.
“Meron po siguro sir sa bundok, pero nakabalik na po ako ulit są trabaho. Są kanila na lang po ang mga batwan, ang mga taong nangangalakal ng kanilang kabuhayan”. I felt happy to hear that.
Where am I going with all this? The forest saved Aljon when he had nothing at all. We must do our part in saving the forests for the time when uncertainty strikes again.
We would like to wish Aljon the very best of luck.
P399 for 2 kilos. Arrives in 3 days time.
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