BOGO-FM. On Friday, we would like to do something special for our hard working Founder Members.

Buy One, Get One (BOGO) for FOUNDER MEMBERS only, or BOGO-FM.

Founder Members can buy 20 kg of Doming Mabalin Amin tomatoes, and get 20 kg free for a total of 40 kg. Pay only P500.

One ton of mountain tomatoes is allocated for this. Founder Members can buy as much as they want.

Offer ends when the one ton is exhausted. Our truck will be in Banaue, Ifugao tomorrow to pick up Doming’s tomatoes. Dispatch shall be on Friday, 07 May 2021. Happy Monthsary everyone.

Read the background story: SAVING DOMING MABALIN AMIN. Yes, that is the farmer’s name. If you grew up in Ilocandia, his name will be very familiar to you. It is the exact same title for a very popular Ilokano radio comedy about a man named Doming who can do anything (the “mabalin amin” part). Before you continue reading and to refresh your childhood memory, listen to the soundtrack. We’re currently doing everything we can to help distant Banaue town in Ifugao province with the heavy burden of saving their tomato harvest, specifically saving this farmer named Doming Mabalin Amin. Mabalin? (Possible?)


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