HELPING ABRA. They’re called KAMANGEG. It’s a white mountain yam/mountain potato that is only available during the rainy season, which is right about now. It is only available in Abra, which is where we are getting these beauties from. They are not cultivated domestically but grow wild in the mountains and forests around the town of Lagangilang. A delicious local delicacy, they are difficult to gather and impossible to find anywhere in Metro Manila. Available only here, because we are RuRi.

AN EXOTIC TASTE OF ABRA. Absolutely safe to eat. Boil and dip in Linuklukot muscovado sugar, how delightful. Use as an ingredient in ginataan or pinakbet, how wonderful. This mountain yam/potato is known and well-loved by the Japanese as the “Yamaimo” for its glutinous texture and creamy white flesh. The farmers say that they can get 100 kilos, but 90 will be available to your members because we would like to keep 10 kilos for our own household.

BOGO KAMANGEG AND LINUKLUKOT. It’s 3 kilos of Kamangeg wild mountain yam and a free pack of Linuklukot muscovado sugar from the town of Penarubbia, also in Abra.Pay only P599.


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