Let’s make it a LINUKLUKOT + LEMON BOGO. Get 1 kilo green lemons from the farmers of Tabaan Sur and Tabaan Norte, if you buy 2 kilos of Linuklokot muscovado sugar from the farmers of Penarubbia, Abra.

It’s P499 for 2 kilos Linuklukot + 1 kg Lemons

LOKOT THIS. The farmers of Penarubbia, Abra approached us for help in selling their raw sugar product called LINUKLUKOT. Look, this is how it looks like. If you have had a chance to try it, you know that this is good and healthy sugar. A little Linuklukot in black coffee makes it so much more enjoyable. This stuff is the only sweetener that Andie uses in her very popular No Label Strawberry Jam (NLSJ). So at irregular intervals in the past two years, we have been getting Linuklukot from the Penarubbia. Yesterday, these farmers came asked if we could possibly take all of their Linuklukot, some 5 sacks. They said that they needed the money to repair their houses damaged by the recent quake. Abra, if your remember, was the epicenter. We agreed to take it all.


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