TO DO NOTHING IS COWARDICE. It took us awhile to understand the problem of onions. We had to travel all the way to Ilocos to talk to the farmers, and really listen. If we revealed everything we have learned not just from the farmers but from truckers and from Divisoria vendors, we may have to go into hiding in fear of our lives. For having all this information in our heads, even that is dangerous. Bakit ngayun lang gumagalaw ang RuRi kung kailan bumababa na ang presyo ng sibuyas? Precisely.

We did this to help the Onion farmers get a really good price for their onions. We did this to help the hapless Cauliflower farmers. Get 6 kilos of mixed Red and White Onions and a free bundle of singkamas (turnips), total weight 7 kilos, pay only P999.


Purchase this product now and earn 10 Ruri Coins!

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Weight 7 kg


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