A GLORIOUS BOX-ALL-YOU-CAN AT GLORIETTA. We were very surprised at how the old and drab Glorietta of our memory has been transformed into a sparkling gem of a shopping mall. How glorious! How long since we’ve last been here? Decades! What a delight to do the very first Box-All-You-Can here for members living in Makati. Quite excited to see how families, expats and corporate types would respond to a shopping game that was designed to help farmers. Andie and I, we are so very full of hope for Box-All-You-Can @ AyalaMalls Glorietta. How solid our partnership with Alagang AyalaLand, how in sync with ours their commitment to create positive change in lives of farmers by giving them direct access to a buyers’ market. We just know that the message will resonate very well not only here in the pulsing heart of the country’s business but in the innermost reaches of Luzon from where these vegetables and fruits are coming from. We are so very excited for the farmer recipients, our continuing partnership with AyalaMalls/Alagang AyalaLand, and the repercussions of yet another successful Box-All-You-Can.

When is this? July 16 ~ 17, 2022, 11AM ~ 7PM, at AyalaMalls Glorietta Activity Center.

For those asking what a Box-All-You-Can is, it’s an exciting shopping game created by Rural Rising Philippines to help distressed farmers all over Luzon. We rescue tons of different rescue fruits and vegetables from distressed farmers and pile them high in the middle of a high-end mall like Glorietta. When we say “Go!” the gate is opened and shoppers rush in to fill their boxes to the brim with all the produce they like. Ten minutes, no weight limit, how’s that? All income from this game goes to the grateful farmers–they get the price they are praying for, they do not have to throw away unsold produce, they live to plant another day. Shoppers pay only P699.

That’s right, shoppers pay only P699. The box is 14″x14″x8″ in size, big enough to hold up to 15 kilos of produce or even more. What are the available vegetables that you can put in there? Numerous! Zucchini, watermelon, yakon, cabbages, wombok, carrots, tomatoes, bintong and orange kamote, pokopok and señorita bananas, white radish, Baguio lemons, yellow corn, Japanese cucumbers, native kalabasa, guyabano, pineapples, green ice lettuce, giant beets and many more.

Get your Glorietta Box here: https://bit.ly/BAYCGLORIETTA-RRPH

See all of you there, Makati. Thank you. God bless you for helping distressed Filipino farmers.



Earn up to 7 Ruri Coins.

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SATURDAY July 16 – 11:00AM, SATURDAY July 16 – 11:20AM, SATURDAY July 16 – 11:40AM, SATURDAY July 16 – 12:00PM, SATURDAY July 16 – 12:20PM, SATURDAY July 16 – 12:40PM, SATURDAY July 16 – 1:00PM, SATURDAY July 16 – 1:20PM, SATURDAY July 16 – 1:40PM, SATURDAY July 16 – 2:00PM, SATURDAY July 16 – 2:20PM, SATURDAY July 16 – 2:40PM, SATURDAY July 16 – 3:00PM, SATURDAY July 16 – 3:20PM, SATURDAY July 16 – 3:40PM, SATURDAY July 16 – 4:00PM, SATURDAY July 16 – 4:20PM, SATURDAY July 16 – 4:40PM, SATURDAY July 16 – 5:00PM, SATURDAY July 16 – 5:20PM, SATURDAY July 16 – 5:40PM, SATURDAY July 16 – 6:00PM, SATURDAY July 16 – 6:20PM, SATURDAY July 16 – 6:40PM, SUNDAY July 17 – 11:00AM, SUNDAY July 17 – 11:20AM, SUNDAY July 17 – 11:40AM, SUNDAY July 17 – 12:00PM, SUNDAY July 17 – 12:20PM, SUNDAY July 17 – 12:40PM, SUNDAY July 17 – 1:00PM, SUNDAY July 17 – 1:20PM, SUNDAY July 17 – 1:40PM, SUNDAY July 17 – 2:00PM, SUNDAY July 17 – 2:20PM, SUNDAY July 17 – 2:40PM, SUNDAY July 17 – 3:00PM, SUNDAY July 17 – 3:20PM, SUNDAY July 17 – 3:40PM, SUNDAY July 17 – 4:00PM, SUNDAY July 17 – 4:20PM, SUNDAY July 17 – 4:40PM, SUNDAY July 17 – 5:00PM, SUNDAY July 17 – 5:20PM, SUNDAY July 17 – 5:40PM, SUNDAY July 17 – 6:00PM, SUNDAY July 17 – 6:20PM, SUNDAY July 17 – 6:40PM


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