BROWN RICE FOR THE PRICE OF WHITE. Sa title pa lang panalo ka na. Sa very real health benefits of brown rice, double panalo. A single farmer from Sto. Domingo town in Nueva Ecija grew us this brown rice on his half-hectare land. The palay was recently milled. With the exception of Balatinaw heirloom Black rice from the Cordilleras, this Brown Rice is our favorite. Only the hull (the hard protective covering) is removed leaving the bran and germ. You would think that this makes brown rice taste rough and unpalatable but surprisingly, it does not. Rich in vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants, a whole grain that cooks very well and tastes great. Marami ka talaga makakain. We did say the price is the same as good white right, so this makes this buy a very good one. Pay only P759 for one sack (10 kilos).

SNAP BUY: BROWN RICE. We are seeking your support for a Brown Rice farmer from Sto. Domingo, Nueva Ecija. Pay only P750 for a 10-kilo sack.


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