5 kg Carrots, P250

ANG DI MAPILI, MAGTATAPON. It comes down to a choice between helping a CARROT farmer from Buguias and a carrot farmer from Madaymen. I wish we did not have to choose. I really wish this effort would be strong enough so we do not have to. Sana we have the power to help not just one or two farmers but all the carrot farmers. Sana ALL farmers, pero papaano? So Carrots—si Philmerr ba ng Loo o si Regenald ng Madaymen. Kung sino and hindi natin mapili, magtatapon. Ang hirap, napakahirap.

CARROTS RESCUE BUY. We are diving the price of Carrots so that we can help both farmers. If you help, you’ll have fantastic luck for the rest of 2023.

CARROT RESCUE BUY. We are coming to you RuRi with a prayer for Carrot, full of hopefulness for our farmers Philmerr and Regenenald. For your kindess and P250 pesos, your share in this Rescue effort will be 5 kilos. We repeat, 5 kilos.


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