CAULI LEAVES ARE EDIBLE. In a previous Box-All-You-Can at ATC, I had a not-so-pleasant encounter with an older gentleman. He insisted, in spite of repeated pleas on my part, on breaking off the stalks of the cauliflower, putting only the flowerettes in his box. I thought I could let it pass but at checkout, he returned to crates and took more cauliflowers. He broke the stalks right infront of me and when I said he should not do that, that the leaves are edible, he threw them to the floor and said “Hindi nga ako kumakain ng dahon. Ang kulit mo.”

I found myself saying “I have no problem refunding your money, Sir.” We stared at each other for 3 or 5 seconds before he picked them up. “Ayan, masaya ka na? Pwede na ako umalis?”

The impact of that encounter stayed with me for the whole day, even up to this day months later. How could I have done it better?

PLEA FOR CAULI. 500 kilos of ton Cauliflowers, untrimmed, are being harvested right now in Sta. Catalina, Ilocos Sur. We are happy for you to have them, leaves and all. Will you take them? Dispatch tomorrow. Oh, just P399, 5 kg na yun. There’s just 500 kg so unfortunately there won’t be a second batch.


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