MONDAY WISH FOR CAVENDISH. This farmer is no stranger to you members, he’s the Ginger farmer we rescued in Nueva Vizcaya. His other product (actually his elderly mother’s) is no stranger too, it’s CAVENDISH BANANAS. Even this, they have such worries. Their Bananas survived the twin typhoons #KardingPh and #PaaengPh that slashed through Nueva Vizcaya but what good is that if they cannot find buyers? They have felt hope for nothing. Here you can see the bananas and hear why the whiplash on the screen is the reason they cannot get a good price.

Friends, at 7-11 you are happy pay 25 pesos per Cavendish banana. Tonight we are hoping that you would be just as happy to pay pay around that same amount for one kilo. We hope that you’ll help because it’s a very good deal and a very good cause. This beautiful Monday morning, we wish that we could bring help for these Canvendish banana farmers.

CAVENDISH BANANA SNAP BUY. We are seeking your kind support for us to help a Cavendish Banana farmer from Nueva Vizcaya. If you give P349, we shall give you 10 kilos of Cavendish Bananas


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