SHARON’S CHEWY UBE JAMS. Andie made extra ube jams because yes, you cannot make just 6 jars. She made 48 extra bottles, haha! So lucky you, have a taste of Sharon’s Chewy Ube Jam. You know that this batch is special, it has to be. Ginalingan talaga ni Andie.

Back read the story:
We were at a meet-and-greet between Baguio City business owners and Sen. Kiko. He walked in and perched himself on the empty chair beside us. Perfect chance for me to introduce myself and gift him with three jars of Chewy Ube Jam. Andie made sure that I would say it’s for Sharon. At the pictorials, Andie felt she had to tell him again that the jams are for Sharon. I wonder how that made Kiko feel?

CHEWY UBE SNAP BUY. We are looking to Rural Rising members of all colors to enjoyube with a winning taste and texture. It’s P600 for 2 bottles. Enjoy.


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