CHCIKENS FOR LIFE, OUR GRATITUDE FOR LIFE. That thing we shared, our intention to give a crate of Sasso Chickens to 8 needy families in Cagayan, is generating an outpouring of interest and intentions to help. Chickens for Life, the title was meant to say that this is to help the families survive ongoing hunger. We realise that our members are also interpreting it a bigger and more meaningful way. Chickens for Life means a long-term, self-sustaining livelihood for these families. Help a man to fish, help a man to raise chickens, you feed him for life. We’re getting so many private messages from members wanting to give Chickens for Life to Cagayan. God truly bless you all. Andie and I are right now feeling very touched by the outpouring of love for our poor countrymen in Cagayan.

We’ll just put it here, the cost to give a family Chickens for Life. Twelve Sasso chicks, a crate, a water bottle, brown sugar, vitamin boosters, a light bulb, an extension cord is 3,000. It also includes the cost to deliver and to train these families on how to best survive and propagate the chickens.

Taking your cue, we would like to do a Chickens for Life effort. Please we do not want you to give 3,000, this is too much to ask. We’ll just simply put out a link and allow you to give how much you can or want to give. We’ll count the contributions later and bring what chicks we can with what we have. These are the actual Sasso chicks being readied for travel to Cagayan, in our facility in Batangas. And this is the link if you would like to support this for a a chick or two or a whole crate.

God truly bless this group. You are all here because a higher power has led you here to do something for the least fortunate of our countrymen.


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