COCONUT APPLES. Not your regular apples on a tree but the sponge-like centers of germinating coconuts. Crunchy and sweet. Eat them like you do a Washington apple, mince and top on salad, or boil in sugar to make a very special kind of sweet preserve. These Coconut Apples come from several farmers in Dingalan, Aurora who gathered them all around the coconut fields.

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We hope this brings back childhood memories where you cannot get enough of this because even during those times, these are not often to come by. If your children have never tried these, here’s your chance to introduce them to “NATURE’S CANDY”. What my Lola does with these is she chops the Coconut Apples very finely and boils them with a mashed mango and some sugar. I cannot think of anything more delicious and fresh right now, am missing her right now.

COCONUT APPLES GROUP BUY. We are looking for Rural Rising who would give Dingalan, Aurora farmers an extra income. If you give P299, you shall get 5 pieces of coconuts with Coconut Apples inside.


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