An effort to raise money for crates.

CRATES FOR HOPE. Sako-sakong lemons tinapon na lang. Ang masaklap, sa RuRi House nangyari. This weekend, 200 kilos of lemons (total) were discarded for bruising. This is what we are saying about our farmers not having crates. For our weekend trip to Camp Mingan, the only good lemons in all of RuRi House are these five small ones. The rest were in the trash, a feast for fruit flies. Sayang na sayang na sayang! We could have donated them, ang dami dapat makinabang. Our members could have enjoyed them, now we have a huge backlog of lemons. What kinda made us happy is this text from the farmer. In spite of all his difficulties, he wants to refund our payment dahil sobrang nahihihiya siya, wala kasi siyang crates. He’s already asked twice and we said no thrice. We admire him so much for his integrity. WE WANT SO MUCH TO GIVE HIM CRATES.

GIVE P370 to buy our lemon farmers a plastic transport crate, get 5 kilos of Lemons in return.


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