DALANDAN URGENT RESCUE BUY. Next we turn our attention to a plea we received from a group of farmers who are currently stranded in San Pablo City, Laguna. They travelled all the way from Tiaong, Quezon only to find their buyer insisting to pay them less than the agreed price or else he walks. Bakit ganun ang taong ito sa mga farmers natin? No downpayment to forfeit, the buyer did make good his threat to walk away and these farmers are left holding 500 kilos of Dalandan–in a strange city, at night time, with the meter on the jeep running. They even bought red bags as the requirement of the buyer, so that’s an added cost to the farmers. You can watch the narrative here but be careful, it might break your heart.
Friends, it is important for us to say that make no warranties or have any expectations that these Dalandans are sweet. We have decided to help on the basis of this video. To be honest, we do not care if these Dalandan is sour, more Vitamin c! But if they turn out to be sweet, what a bonus. But then the

re is the honey so if we juice the Dalandan and pour in some honey, everything will be perfect. We hope that you will help given these conditions.
URGENT DALANDAN RESCUE BUY. Two bottles of Dumagat Honey and 4 free kilos of Rescue Dalandans, pay only P550.


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