MEN MAY DEREMEN! 21 kilos of DEREMEN or the Pinipig of Pangasinan. We’re keeping one kilo to keep in the car and munch as we travel. It’s that good. 20 kilos for sale to a few lucky members. Very lucky to have found this much and to have found it at this time. Deremen is available only once a year in October, and only in towns like Mangaldan and Manaoag. You see, to make Deremen, one has to be very patient. The rice stalks have to be hand picked individually and then roasted on the husk on flaming coconut shell embers. The kernels are then pounded on wooden mortar and pestle. The partially burnt husks accounts for the dark color and ht slightly chocolatey taste. This is not black rice. It is special young rice, a special treat in Pangasinan. Deremen comes out in October so this means that on All Saints Day, most offerings to the dearly departed in public cemeteries and private altars are plates of these. This is not the Pinipig of Nueva Vizcaya. This is very different treat that you will love as much, if not more.

DEREMEN SNAP BUY. We are looking for Rural Rising members who know what this is or are willing to try a delicious kind of pinipig. It’s P350 per kilo.


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