FATHER’S DAY CRATE. We once had a dog named Jindo, of a breed called Jindo, the Korean equivalent of the more popular Japanese Shiba Inu. You know that Richard Gere dog movie called “Hachiko”? That’s a Shiba Inu in that movie, that’s what a Jindo looks like pretty much. Here’s our pretty-boy Jindo whose image we used, and very effectively too, for a recruitment ad for our call center. Anyway, one fine day a few years ago I had an undeniable urge for greasy, bone-marrowy bulalo. I snuck out of the house to the Baguio Slaughterhouse compound where the meat dishes on display were a cow on her feet not two hours ago, just two hundred meters away. The sneaking was necessary because Andie was keeping me to a more-vegetable diet in an effort to keep me healthy. I made the mistake of bringing home to Jindo a huge thigh bone and what did that traitor do? He went straight to Andie and dropped the bone infront of her, right there in the middle of the floor. The game was up, and years later we would remind ourselves of that little argument between spouses (“Don’t you want to live longer?”) and the dog we loved so much, now passed away. (We wish he lived longer.) Let’s face it, men and women live on different taste worlds. Men go for the meat, women like their vegetables. The whole point to sneaking out for bulalo was that I needed “man-food” once in awhile. Which brings us to the whole point to this rambling story. It’s FATHER’S DAY SOON, let’s do a Father’s Crate filled will all sorts of man-food that Rural Rising has to offer, food that the man in your life will have.

So in writing this, I asked myself what would I love to eat if it’s coming from the farmers that Rural Rising is helping, exclude bulalo. I went though the names and places where we have farmers and I came up with this list. Look! Coffee (Batangas Barako), Rice Wine (Tapuey), Cookies (Arrowroot), Tablea Chocolate, Gourmet Tuyo, Roasted Peanuts, Salted Quail Eggs, Vinegar (Dumagat Banana Suka), Sugar (Linuklokot), Chunky Ulam Bagoong, dried fish and pusit And of course the “manly” vegetables—Black Potato or Red Potato, Habanero Pepper, Black Rice or Red Rice. Honestly, I would not mind getting this myself if Andie gave these to me on June 20, Father’s Day. I think I can add a couple more items in there if we could order them in advance, these items being bottled kinuday (smoked meat).

We’ll do a limited number of Father’s Day Crates lang because some of these items we cannot get in bulk and can order only in advance. Some really nice Tapuey from Ifugao, the vinegar from the Dumagat people. Tamang-tama, we got some really nice Perrier green bottles, we’ll ask them to put the vinegar in those. Arrowroot cookies, the government-sponsored baking school that makes these in Sagada. Mt. Province will open just to make this for us. The Kinuday, we’ll encourage a farmer in Brgy. Eddet, Kabayan, Benguet to make this again, just for us. Or there’s the option of dried mountain ham (tag). This effort also helps the pandan leaf weavers of Luisiana, Laguna because we shall place these goodies on one of their bayongs.

Allow me to surprise you with my kind of food. Depending on availability, not all the items listed above will be there, some items not in the list will be there. Will you trust me to surprise your hubby, or if you’re a dude, you? The price is P1,505, just 50 Father’s Day Crate available.

We are looking for members to gift the fathers in their lives—or themselves—with a Father’s Day Crate, above items inside a bayong, pay only P1,505. If you are a Founder Member, a tub of Andie’s Chewy Ube Jam will find it’s way in there. That one’s unisex.


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