FLOWER RESCUE BUY. We finally set foot, and butt, on the rich flower farmlands of Labilab, Loacan, Itogon, Benguet. The last part, when I slipped on the path and fell on my old behind. We documented our trip there yesterday to show you the difficulties the flower farmers go through, the difficult dirt roads the flowers have to go through on the way to market , in addition to the series of unseen middlemen hands, before they get to yours.

Your Mothers Day flowers were grown by these female farmers, that’s profound. They will be with us at the UP Town Center on May 7 and 8, to directly sell their flowers to you, that’s powerful. For the first time in two years since the pandemic started, these farmers will get the price that they deserve and a stable market in RuRi. That’s life-changing.
Please will you support this effort if we give you three choices:

10 succulents or herbs for P999
A bouquet of cut flowers for P999
5 pots of live flowers for P999



Earn up to 10 Ruri Coins.

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Bunch of Dozen Roses, Succulent Herbs


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