FOUNDER MEMBERS, HELP? From the Ifugao farmers of Dumanisi, Diffun, Quirino, we also sourced the BINTONG. We ended up buying more than we intended but that’s alright. Our order was for 300 kilos, they had 800 kilos on the tractor. Yes, we could refuse the extra 500 kilos, something we did not order. They’ll load the Bintong back and it goes home to Dumanisi, likely food for the hogs, that’s how we understood it. We took all 800 kilos because we’re the good guys and we’re such suckers. Our driver said the farmers were audibly delighted (“Napasigaw sila”) when they learned we were taking all the Bintong. Hay, naku.

Founder Members, will you help us? Pay P500 for 5 kilos of Bintong, GET 2 KILOS EXTRA, 7 kilos total. The rest of the Bintong you cannot take, we shall donate to the community pantries.


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