PILING PILING PILI. This is one of those moments where you go “Eureka!” and jump in the air with glee. Some farmers came to us asking for help and we had trouble keeping calm. PILI NUTS! These farmers had a stand of Pili Nut trees and they have fruited for the first time this year. They have no market for it, would we help? Would we? We said yes to 200 kilos and they had trouble keeping calm. “Maraming salamat po.” They kept saying. “Napaka-laking tulong po ito sa amin sir.”Freshly-harvested and still in the shell Pili Nuts. 200 kilos. What will you do now? Get on Google to learn how to prepare them or get not he link to bag some muna. We leave the strategy to you. You’ll hear the farmer in the video say that they even eat the husks as a viand. Talaga? How does that work? We’ll have to ask them to make a video of how they make that. While you’re online check out the prices too but we already did. Happy price for you, happy price for these farmers, everybody happy.

SNAP BUY: FRESH PILI NUTS. We are looking for a few select Rural Rising members to get 5 kilos of Pili Nut superfood, pay only P550


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