SO NEAR ITBAYAT SO FAR. Still part of the Philippines but it might as be in another country, and it almost is. That lonely RED DOT in the middle of the ocean, closer to Taiwan than it is to the Philippines., that’s the island of Itbayat. That’s where our GARLIC is coming from. We’re working out how to bring 2 tons of Itbayat Garlic from that red point to RuRi House. Infinitely easier said than done.

One of our options is to load them onboard a ship bound for Sual, Pangasinan (near the yellow dot). If you want to know what’s in Sual, it’s the 1,200 MW coal-fired power plant. So you can imagine that the ship will be a Bulk Coal Carrier and our Garlic will be right there among the black stuff. Quick but not the most cost-efficient way because from Sual, the garlic will be offloaded to trucks bound for Tuguegarao where they will be graded and sorted. From Tuguegarao, it’s a trip down the spine of Luzon towards Quezon City.

Where looking at other options available to us but this is what we have to say about this: GRABE! We are almost ready to believe that it’s really easier to get Garlic from China than to source it from remotely-located local farmers like the Itbayatans. This only make us much more determined to do it for the Garlic farmers of Itbayat. We are not ready to give up.

RuRi, many of you have said “Let me help” and here is your chance to do so. In our humble capacity as private citizens, Rural Rising hereby declares an EMERGENCY ITBAYAT GARLIC RESCUE.

EMERGENCY ITBAYAT GARLIC RESCUE BUY. We are seeking support for an Emergency Rescue Buy fromItbayat Island for 2 tons of Native Garlic, for the amount of P499. Should you choose to participate in this effort, your share shall be 2 kilos.

1 It’s P499 for 2 kilos
2 Order link
3 Available at RuRi House and RuRi South
3 Dispatch date TBA

RURI HOUSE—72 Maayusin Street, UP Village, Diliman, Quezon City
RURI SOUTH—Old Transport Terminal Bldg., Alabang Town Center, Theater Dr., Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa

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