GIFT OF HOPE RICE TAMPIPI. 6 kinds of grains, which one is your new favorite.

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RURAL RICE-ING. Isn’t it ironic that in a rice-eating country, the poorest of the poor are the rice farmers? Cost to grow, 15 pesos per kilo, buying price for palay, 13 pesos per kilo. It does not make fricking sense. We’ll stop there. Talk about the Rice Tarriffication Law infuriates us. The truth is that no son of a rice farmer wants to grow up to be a rice farmer. “Mag-aral kang mabuti, anak.” A father pleads, “Para makaahon ka sa hirap.” In other countries, rice farming is a patriotic and honourable occupation—here it’s a curse of poverty. ACTION PLAN. We shall take all the pigmented rice we can get our hands on. Red rice from Nueva Vizcaya, Brown rice from Nueva Ecija, Black rice from Mt. Province, Purple Rice from Benguet and Adlai from Batangas. As a buyer’s group, Andie and I truly believe that we are in a position to give some help.

SNAP BUY. We are looking for 30 Rural Rising members to get a Gift Of Hope Rice Tampipi next week, pay only P1,499. In connection with this, we shall donate a bag of groceries to a grateful farmer family. The contents of this GOH are sourced from several rice farmers from all over Luzon. 


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