GIVE WHAT YOU CAN, NOW YOU CAN. We’ve been observing the behaviour of people availing from the original COMMUNITY PANTRY near Rural Rising works. The one in Maginhawa. We have to help eliminate the lines that are starting to become a huge daily headache to the barangay authority trying to enforce social distancing protocols. If we are not careful, Community Pantries like this could have a high virus load and put people at greater risk. The less time in line, the lesser the health risks to everyone in the area.

We’d like to introduce the COMMUNITY PANTRY PACKAGE. It’s 1 big bag containing 5 individual bags of vegetables—approximately 2 kilos per individual bag—10 kilos total The contents are 1/2 kg tomatoes, 1/2 kg sayote, 1/2 kg potatoes, 1/4 kg carrots and 1 pc cabbage. A very good deal! These vegetables are the exact vegetables we promise to donate with the purchase of each Crate Hope. They work well for the people receiving them. EACH COMMUNITY PANTRY PACKAGE COSTS P550.

We’re looking for as many Founder Members, new and old group members, and their friends and family, to help us spark a donating frenzy to Community Pantries everywhere. This helps not only the urban poor but also distressed small-scale farmers in the Cordilleras. Please tell all your everyone about this, please share!


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