MORNING GRIEF. No po, we shall not do beef. Yes po, we shall try to help. This picture was sent to us from the town of Sta. Maria, Pangasinan. The flood came so fast there that farm animals died—helplessly, surely afraid—where they were tied in the fields. The carcasses were recovered only when the water receded, the meat too far gone to be of any use.

When we received these pictures this morning, we felt very sad for the owners. Their economic hopes rode on the back of these poor animals! No we are neither posting this sad picture to infect you with our sadness nor are we posting this “for attention purposes” only. We’re going to find a way to help the owners, farmers all, recover from this. We have given our word on the phone to some of the affected farmers there in Sta. Maria. Andie and I shall travel there this weekend to see what we can do, to see what we can buy. Everything, anything. Please will you back us on this? It’s rice or corn or lowland vegetables, will you not be particular, just buy an opportunity to help. The price is P400.

With your P400, we’ll go to Pangasinan and buy what we can from the farmers at any price they want and we’ll give that back to you. We won’t give money, that’s not how we do it. It’s a transaction of hope. If it happens that you only want to give the money, we’ll still use it to buy and we’ll give the produce to Barangays Bagong Pagasa, Tatalon or Payatas, all in Quezon City. They also need hope there.

HOPE RESCUE BUY. We are taking the group to help by buying produce or products from flood-affected farmers in Sta. Maria town and nearby towns. In exchange for your heartfelt support, you shall get a bag of fresh produce. We’ll be able to say which produce this will be as soon as we see the situation personally this Saturday. Please dear members who will support this?


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