HOUSE WARMING PAINT PARTY. We just got RuRi South this morning. Moving fast, we are going to have a Painting Party activity at RuRi South @ ATC. We’re going to adorn that quaint little building at the Transport Hub with colorful murals to depict what we do. We’ll give it TLC. We are going to give it TLC after 6 years of lying empty, we are going to make it a very cool landmark! Please be part of the effort. Will you chip in 200 pesos? The money will NOT go to paint and talent though, that’s already covered. The money will go to vegetables from the farmers we are helping. The vegetables will go to our needy neighbors around ATC, wage-earners (sales people, maintenance men and transport drivers, and their families). For helping us with our first act of community goodwill we shall give you the honor and pleasure of painting these walls with us. No artistic bents or twists required, we are arranging for a celebrated artist to draw the outlines of the design and all you need to do is fill in the colors. Her identity shall be revealed soon! Paint by numbers for adults! We are sure that you’ve all had experience doing this when you were four. Imagine how excited we are to this. Imagine how you would feel every time you come over to RuRi South, you can paint to a spot on the wall and say “I did this!”

Please will you help us celebrate the idea of RuRI South by supporting this, our first ever VEGETABLE-RAISING ACTIVITY? The date of the Painting Party shall be announced as soon as ATC management decides that this idea does not go against their design philosophy. We are 101% confident that there is no problem in that department because hey, they’re already doing the same at Vertis North, an Ayala Land property.


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