VILLAGE OF JACKS. There is a small village in Villasis, Pangasinan where there are more JACKFRUIT trees than people. These trees are often the only source of income for most households, the when they ripen it is the smell of money. No longer. It could be the pandemic, it could be a new Gen-X market unfamiliar or un-enamored with the taste jackfruit, we do not know. What we do know is that the buyers have stopped coming and the jackfruits do not sell well enough to bother bringing them anywhere to sell. They are left on the trees to ripen and rot, you see this in the video. The smell hangs heavy in the air but it does not smell like new clothes or better food anymore.

We are declaring a JACKFRUIT RESCUE BUY today. We aim to buy 1 ton. You are welcome to support but please if you do, we have a caveat. We are uncertain of the quality of these jackfruits, we are buying to help. It is likely that some jackfruits would a few days over, will you save what you can. If you would like us to replace your jackfruit for any reason, we shall. For the farmers of Villasis, we dedicate this JACKFRUIT RESCUE BUY. The price is P499 for one jackfruit (approximately 8 to 10 kilos)


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