THE ROAD FROM KATMONDU. What a journey these Katmons need to make to get to you. First they are harvested in Brgy. Perez in Alabat town of Quezon Province. They are slung on the backs of the foragers and then on motorcycles to a boat at the Atimonan Pier. The Katmons cross over to Candelaria, Quezon where a truck is waiting to take them to RuRI House.

These are out pickers, our boat and the Katmons in the sack. Dispatch MONDAY. 

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THE ROAD TO KATMONDU. After feeling furious this morning with those imported Chinese cabbages, we are pleased, even proud, to be able to offer this. Have this gentle farmer read my mind when came out to offer us KATMON? Scientific name Dillenia philippinensis, Katmon is found nowhere else in the world. It is endemic to the Philippines. So beautiful. Let the Chinese copy that! The fruit is also known as the Elephant Apple. Take bite and you would know why they called it that. The soft, fleshy, green, and edible pulp tastes so much like sour apple! The young shoots and flowers can also be used to flavor sinigang or fish soups, we shall try to get some too. So it’s fruit, shoots and leaves, this will be an amazing food experience for us all. Our Katmon will be coming from Brgy. Ibaba, Tayabas, Quezon. What a very long road trip this will be but we don’t care. This will be brilliant, just brilliant. 


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