LONG TIME NO KAMOTE. There’s a sweet potato that’s as special as the Bintong we so loved. It’s called KINAROT. It’s called that because the inside is a rich orange color, like carrots yes. Sweetness to match too. It used to be plentiful in Bataan but these days all they’re planting there is a different, more pest resistant variety. We could not find it in Pangasinan anymore though my memories of Kamote was this sweet, orange variety. We found it in Ilocos, in the town of Sta. Lucia, Ilocos Sur. These are our Kinarot farmers and in their hand, the lovely kamote that took us a long time to find.

KINAROT SNAP BUY. We are seeking support for a trip to Ilocos Norte to fetch some sweet orange sweet potatoes. If you contribute P350, your share shall be 5 kilos.


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