LABONGS FOR PEACE. From the farmers of highland vegetables in the Inner North, we’ll swing to the Inner South to help with LABONG. These labong comes from farmers living in Brgy. Gibanga, Sariaya, Quezon. They have 200 pieces to sell and we have committed to get them all for the price they want. As you know, this area has been the battleground between communist rebels and the military for decades. Caught in the middle are civilians, especially farmers like these. Surely this is one of the reasons why rural prosperity is elusive in places like this. For the farmers of Gibanga to be able to sell their Labong, it will help them a lot. For you you to buy from them, while it may not contribute to peace, it will give them a peaceful income. We call this effort “Labongs for Peace”. Who would not want Laongs? Who would not want peace?

We’re going to buy the Labongs whole and leave you to do what you want with them. Here in NCR, labongs are bought sliced (“nagayat na”). You will be surprised at how big the Labongs are, and how it could be a fun family activity.
LABONG RESCUE BUY. We are looking for Rural Rising members who would like to support a trip to Sariaya, Quezon to load “Labongs for Peace”. If you support this effort with P200, you’ll get a big piece of Labong when the truck gets back.


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