LAST DITCH CABBAGES. We’d like to talk about CABBAGES, one last time and then we’ll stop. We’re not going to talk about those beautiful cabbages that you’ve ordered for next week, but about those “ugly” cabbages that will remain in the field when our truck leaves. We won’t be coming back to Sto. Nino, Cagayan after this—we have reached the capacity of our group to absorb cabbages. So when we leave, the farmers will have to find other buyers. It’s unlikely they will. It’s likely that the cabbages we will not be able to buy will rot.

Why are we asking you to buy ugly cabbages? This afternoon one of the farmers made a last ditch effort to convince me to buy cabbages. He went to his field and took a video of the cabbages, peeling some of the leaves away to show the green core. The way he spoke in the video is why we are writing this appeal. Please listen. Please watch. These are his ugly cabbages. Why are telling you to buy them? The reason is that when you peel away the leaves, you’ll reach a part that’s green and fresh. They’re smaller true, but they’re perfectly usable and edible. No difference in taste. In fact we dare say that these kinds of cabbages are the ones you commonly see in the the supermarket. Right?

If you can have 44 kilos of these cabbages for P440, will you do it? That’s 10 pesos per kilo! It gives the farmers a little bit more money. It give you a lot of cabbages to give away.

We are looking for just 100 members to help us help the beleaguered farmers of Sto. Nino, Cagayan. Buying 44 kilos of second-class cabbages for just P440. Please will you do it?


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