LIPOTE IN DISTRESS. We are asking the kindest of us all who will take pity on this young woman who is stranded in Calamba, Laguna with 100 kilos of LIPOTE. She travelled her merchandise from Lucena City but the buyer was a no-show. She has no more money to transport the Lipote back, not even money for her own fare back if she is forced to leave it on the street. Her phone is at 1% and is charging at 7-11 with her last coins. We are her only hope, hay. Her Lipote is 100 kilos, she bought the Lipote from the farmers this morning with borrowed money. What a dilemma. We are unfamiliar with Lipote but a quick Google says it’s very good for juicing and wine-making. It can be eaten fresh of course, like duhat.

LIPOTE RESCUE BUY. We are looking for Rural Rising members to contribute whatever they can to help this hapless young lady, sana P400 for 2 kilos of Lipote. We’ll make a link so we can keep track of names. Please can we try to help this young woman who is only trying to make a living? Her name is Jilian, from Lucena City.

Help here, thank you RuRi.


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