IT’S NOT THE PRODUCT, IT’S THE HELPING. Yesterday we told you about our Nuno Egg farmer being forced by circumstance to make LUNO EGG FLAN instead. We’ll follow him there and take his very special product. It’s not the product but it’s the helping. And for us in RuRi part of the thrill is being able to discover different taste experiences. Here is one, leche flan made from LUNO EGGS (soft shelled eggs). Andie said what if he is able to make his Luno Egg Flan as well as he did our Nuno Eggs. She has a point. And judging from the photos that our farmers sent us of the finished product, I do believe she is right. Looks everyone.

Back road the story:
FROM NUNO TO LUNO. Two duck farmers, one from Nueva Ecija and another from Tarlac, make our NUNO EGGS. One recently threw in the towel. Hindi na niya kinaya ang hindi makatarungang pagtaas ng presyo ng feeds. Ang duck pellets na P800 per sack dati, P1,800 ngayun. Ang price ng itlog hindi tumataas. In desperation/exasperation, he decided to sell all of his ducks. 1,000 of them. 100 pesos each. How will this farmer survive? He’s trying to make a living by making leche flan. In order to eke out a profit, he uses the cheapest eggs he can get, which by definition are not eggs at all. They’re called LUNO or soft-shelled eggs, half-formed eggs that never make it to market for the way they look. Luno yolks taste like regular yolks, perhaps even better, and customers cannot tell the difference. This is what they look like. But I guess, one has to do what one can do to survive. From Nuno Eggs to LUNO LECHE FLAN. Do any of you members care to try? Might be delicious.

LUNO EGG FLAN SNAP BUY. We are happy to introduce Luno Egg Flan to your palate in order to help our former Nuno Egg farmer. We hope you enjoy it very much. It’s P399 for 2 tubs


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