MINGAN PUMPKIN. We have a small harvest of pumpkins grown right inside Camp Mingan. We grew this would the help of farmers like Edmar and Aling Nene. The cultivation of this pumpkins led us to understand what farmers in Brgy. Pinamalisan need to make a sustainable living. The availability of water, for one, is a big problem. We are lucky that in Camp Mingan, we have access to water from the mountain to grow our crop of pumpkins. We have all the water we need. Not so farmers across the valley where the water from the hoses connected upstream slow to a trickle and their deep wells dry out for some months. After we learned this, we revised our application for the Australian government grant from asking vegetable freeze drying equipment to building a series of water reservoirs to support a water conservation and distribution effort in Pinamalisan.
Here is file video Andie handling pumpkins.

We are looking for 30 Rural Rising members to get 10 kilos of Mingan Pumpkins and pay only P500. Founder Members get 11 kilos.


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