We have PROBIOTIC EGSS again. And the reason we are selling is them is that we got these very nice EGG TRANSPORTERS to go with it. We’ll give the trays away if you buy the eggs. Here is the offer: Buy 5 trays of probiotic eggs, get one egg transporter free. Pay only P1,250. Who wants one?

Read the back story: ONCE YOU PROBIOTIC, YOU NEVER GO BACK. To us this seems like the perfect way to describe your experience with probiotic eggs. People have experiences with eggs? Of course they do. Eggs are not the same and some eggs are better than others. As eggs go, these eggs are the best. We’ll vouch for it. It’s the only egg that Andie would eat. After having probiotic, she refuses to eat anything else. She gives me the egg in her tapsilog when we Rodic’s. She has shunned her McDo Cheesy Eggdesal altogether when we drive though. Andie is not being picky at all, she has been converted. Eggs from hens that have been given probiotics are healthier and lay larger, better quality eggs with stronger shells. I can believe it. Watch this video of the actual farm that supplies us these eggs. Those are some strong shelled eggs right there. Can you say the same for the eggs in your pantry? Go ahead and check. Since you’ve cracked some already, look at the color of the yolk. In the picture, the regular egg is the one on the left and the egg from a probiotic hen is the one on the right. The way it looks and TASTES, it makes a world of difference. Now you’re curious.

Would you like some PROBIOTIC EGGS IN AN EGG TRANSPORTER? We’re holding 10 sets of eggs with transporter at RuRi House. We are looking for a few Rural Rising members to buy five trays of probiotic eggs and get a free egg transporter. Pay only P1,250.


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