P99/kg!!! Sure na mag-CPU Over Utilization Warning na naman ulit ang server natin dito. Get 2 or 3 lots please.

IWAGAYWAY KAMAY KAY POLONCHAY. We found another POLONCHAY farmer! Word about RuRi’s recent Polonchay group Buy has spread out in the Benguet farming communities. One farmer and his brother asked if we would take his Polonchay too. We are hesitant because we just did Polonchay but we don’t want to say no. Raise your hands and wave please, for Polonchay.

Back read the story:
FULL ON CHAY. It took a lot of walking by our coordinator (two hours) to find a Benguet farmer who grows Polonchay. She found some 100 kilos, do we want it? Do we? We said we’re happy to help but we’re full on jumping inwardly with glee. This Polonchay, believe it or not, is our biggest accomplishment today.

What’s the fuss? Polonchay is the magic stuff they put into Stuffed Squid Polonchay, yung sinisingil tayo ng mahal sa upscale Chinese Resto, ito yun. There’s other special things you can do with Polonchay. Stir-fried garlic Polonchay, Three Eggs Polonchay, Egg Drop Soup with Polonchay, Oyster Sauce Chicken with Polonchay.

GRAB IT OR MISS IT! Click here and come back to say “Whee!” or “Whaa!”. It’s P199 for 2 kilos (daming lovelies na nun!). Panalo super na yun. ORGANIC, how jackpot. Get 2 or 3 lots please.



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