THE PRESIDENT THAT SEVES THE FARMERS SAVES THE NATION. Today, the day our aspiring presidents officially start campaigning all across the country, a farmer references it against her difficulties. This is Ofie Bulagan of Bauko, Mt. Province. Beyond the deep sighs, beyond the almost tears, she expresses exactly what we all think about the sad plight of the farmers. “Panawagan sana sa mga kinauukulan. Sa susunod sana na Presidente ng Pilipinas sana po ay mapagtuunan ng pansim ang mga magsasaka na bumubuhay po, nagtatanim para may makain ang mga tao, mga mamamayan.”
Whoever wins this election, if he or she takes care of the farmers, is going to save this country. WHOEVER TAKES OFIE’S POTATOES SAVES HER.
We’re touched enough with what she said, and for her to make a “special offer” of free succulent plants speaks so much of her pressing need to sell her potatoes. In the highlands, these precious are precious. They are lovingly nurtured for the money they provide for families to afford “luxuries” — education, clothes, the occasional joy of Chicken Joy. She wants you to have her succulents, just please buy her potatoes. Oh heart.
These potatoes “just” regular variety potatoes. Will you take them just the same? There’s the free succulents. Take them. Buy these potatoes ad get the free succulents, we’ll pay Ofie full price for the Potatoes and pay her for her succulents too, we promise.
SNAP BUY POTATO WITH SUCCULENTS. We are looking for Rural Rising members to support an effort to help a Potato and Succulent farmer from Bauko, Mt. Province. Pay for 4 kg, only P440, with a free succulent plant. Thank you for your kind hearts.


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