PUGO DRIVE THROUGH. The Salted Quail Eggs are out of their mudbaths on Monday. We’ll take them in the car as we travel back from Camp Mingan. We have arranged to meet Nard, the farmer, at the Tarlac-La Paz Road, at the SCTEX exit. This shaves two hours off our trip time, thank goodness. These Salted Quail Eggs have been spoken for already, but if you don’t mind a two week waiting time you can order your own. P499 gets you 100 pieces (one box), a good deal! Nard is able to make only 50 boxes every two weeks.

Read the back story:
NECESSITY REINVENTS THE EGG. We brought back something really special from the provinces today and we are very excited to make a reveal. Bet you’ve never seen or tasted anything like this. SALTED RED QUAIL EGGS or “Itlog ng Pugo na Pula”. Light red dye on speckled shell makes them look like tiny appealing Easter eggs. Pop one in your mouth, they’ll become your instant favorite. It’s regular itlog na pula but several orders better. Cook with these, they’ll elevate your dish several ways. These eggs were “invented” by the former OFW we were telling you about last week, the one who was sent home from his assistant cook job in Dubai and turned to raising quails for egg in his backyard and selling them on passing passenger buses. He would have done so until he was old— it was able to support his family—by COVID put an end to all that. When the buses stoped running, he also stopped making a living. You know that saying about adversity being the mother of invention, here is one man refusing to say no. When we first saw and tasted this things we knew we had a winner. He was flabbergasted when we gave him his first ever big order—5,000 pieces. He could not believe it. We know our members would like them, and we also know this would really help him especially facing Christmas.

SNAP BUY SALTED QUAIL EGGS. We are looking for 50 Rural Rising members to help this hard-working farmer by buying a box of his Salted Quail Eggs, 100 pieces inside, pay only P499.


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