REDSENIOR MOMENT. So this morning 5AM, Andie roused me from sweet sleep so that we can catch beef to the Gabaldon Public Market. In this small town, they butcher a single cow and hati-hati ang mga tindera sa public market. Only every Thursday, which is today. Andie woke up early for that, the driver had to be woken up early for that. Eyes half-closed, while warming up the car, I launched the Redsen Potato offer. The problem I misread the message from the farmer. The Redsens won’t be out until January and what was available was PURPLE POTATO. Patay. The link for 100 kilos sold out within an hour and I had to send this message to everyone who were expecting Redsens.

“Hi. This is Ace of RuRi. So very sorry, I was half asleep kanina when I made the Redsen potato offer. Violet potato pala ang available. January pa lalabas ang mga Redsens natin. Would you be okay if we gave you violet potatoes tomorrow? They’re more expensive than Redsens but I would be more than happy to let you have it at the same price if you would be happy to accept. Do let me know? Pasensiya po ha? Senior moments sometimes. Warm regards.”

Naawa ata sila or talagang mabait ang RuRi sa mga matanda, everyone agreed., save for one member who wanted to keep what she paid in credit until January. Thank you for that!

So we have 100 kilos of PURPLE POTATOES na. We would like to offer member 100 kilos more. The farmers has 200 kilos, we’ll get it all.

ABOUT THE PURPLE POTATOES. Very healthy, limited stock. Sourced from the Andes mountain region, grown in the Cordillera mountain region by a single farmer. Purple potatoes have a denser texture with a nuttier and earthier flavour than regular potatoes. More importantly, bursting with anti-oxidants you need. Our rarest find yet. For only the second, third I think, time we’ve ever offered this. Think what you can do with it.

Get yours here:

PURPLE POTATO SNAP BUY. We are looking for Rural Rising members to enjoy these uniquely delicious Purple potatoes. Get 3 kilos for P550.


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