RAINY DAYLICIOUS COMBO. The coming of rain always brings a feeling of comfort when we were kids. It meant dangling your legs over the window sill, watching water noisily fall from the eaves and explode into hundreds of craters on the bare earth. Rainy day food was our grandmother Alin’s  Munggo on steaming hot rice and a piece of dried fish on top to complete it. What appetites we had! This is comfort food from a childhood well-remembered. How many of you have the similar memories?

We’re bringing it back, the MUNGGO AND DRIED FLYING FISH COMBO to bring back the memories for you. The Munggo comes from my hometown of San Jacinto, Pangasinan. The Flying Fish comes all the way from Dilasag, Aurora. Here is what they look like.

They’re at RuRi House now so all you need to do is say “GOT IT” and upload proof of payment. How much? Just P498 for 2 kilos of Munggo and 3 packs of different kids of fish (2 pieces per pack). We’re offering 500g extra munggo for Founder Members. 


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