TULFO NG NG AGRI NA BA TAYO? After today’s stressful but successful Urgent Potato Rescue, Andie and I we were looking forward to a relaxing tonight. We’ll have that as soon as we put this out there.
Alex Ballao, a YELLOW RAMBUTAN farmer from Brgy. Malabanban Norte, Candelaria, Quezon is asking for help with his RAMBUTANS. He spent the whole day picking these Rambutans today inspite of his rheumatism only to have the buyer disappear on him. Not answering calls and SMS and eventually blocking the farmer. What person doess that to another? We need only to see that that Rambutans are stacked at the foot of the Alex’s bed, and his inability to stand any longer, to see that he is speaking the truth. Before we all retire tonight, will you think of helping this poor farmer?
The Rambutans are just P450 for 8 kilos. Founder Members get 9 kilos. You pay half of half the price if you bought them from an online grocer. The satisfaction is double knowing that buying is helping.
RESCUE BUY: RAMBUTAN. We are looking for as many Rural Rising members to save this distressed farmers with P500. We shall give you 10 kilos of Rambutans for doing so.


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