SA PRESYONG SAPAT, SILA’Y AANGAT. This effort is for the ONION farmers all over Luzon. Andie and I are praying so much for it to succeed. If you’re seeing the huge problem with Onions in previous posts, this is why we are doing this. This is why we need your strength, RuRi. We need to give our Onion farmers the right price so they can rise and recover.
Before there was Rural Rising, we jokingly called ourselves The Accidental Vegetable Dealer. Now that we’re Rural Rising, we would seriously like to become The Accidental T-Shirt Dealer.

The T-shirt looks exactly like this one that Andie is wearing. The supplier claims to be all out of stock except for this color, we believe her, we hope you don’t mind. At least, you can wear it to bed. You can wear it to the park on certain Sundays, if you feel so inclined, you’ll blend in naman. We’ll put on the front, our logo “RuRi”.

The shirt is P500. Half of this will go to the farmers, to buy and transport 5 kilos of Onions. Half will go towards the production of the T-shirt. You will get the T-shirt and 1 kilo of Onions. 4 kilos of Onions left—all riders will get onions, the rest we shall send to three hungry, COVID-impacted communities (Tatalon, Payatas at Bagong Pagasa).
We need to Accidentally sell a thousand t-shirts. We need to buy 5,000 kilos of onions. We need you, RuRi.
Sa Presyong Sapat, Sila’y Aangat.

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