ECHA-GO ECHAGUE. In the very early days of Rural Rising (May 2020, that early, with only the Nueva Ecija Kalabasa Rescue buy under our belt), a beleaguered agricultural cooperative in Echague, Isabela came up with a board resolution to plead with us for help. (They said they heard about us in TV. This is the document.) Us. “Us” was just a family trapped in a house in Baguio—no SMC, no Ayala, just a group with barely a thousand members, a group which just changed its named from“The Accidental Vegetable Dealer”. By God’s inestimable grace and simple courage, we did help those Pineapple and Banana farmers in Isabela. We were able to do not just one Pineapple Rescue Buy but several Rescue Buys over the course of months, saving more than 30 tons. You can say that Isabela was what proved to us that we can do something monumental with the power of words and pictures, to activate the power of a motivated collective, to stiffen it with the power of fervent prayer. You see now why these Isabela farmers are near and dear to our hearts, they are part of RuRi’s history. Today, they have asked us for help again, this time with this BANANAS, this time we do not need any document. Yes, it’s a go again, Isabela.

SABA AND SENORITA RESCUE BUY. We are seeking your kind support for the Banana farmers of Echague, Isabela. If you contribute P420, your share shall be 10 kilos of MIXED Saba and Senorita varieties.


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