PARA SA PARACELIS. We thought the farmers could wait until after the Holy Week. We thought we could all take a break. Today we are supposed to travel na to Camp Mingan. It looks like we have to do one more, RuRi. Do you still have room in your kitchens, do you still have room in your hearts? It’s SABA BANANAS from Paracelis, Mountain Province. This town and these farmers are near and dear to our hearts for one reason, their bananas were the second kind of produce that we ever rescued. This current effort takes us back to May 2020 when we wrote this:

“PARA SA PARAECELIS PLEASE. The farmers of Paracelis, Mountain Province have literal mountains of beautiful bananas to sell, and no one to sell it to. With every town along the seven-hour, single-road journey to Baguio locked down, the produce is not going anywhere. Ten tons a week coming for several weeks now, and no way to stop the harvest from ripening, you can imagine how much there is. The only choice is to give away the bananas to passersby, exchanged them for vegetables though that possibility is rare, or simply leave them by the side of the road. If Rural Rising is able to put get a truck through to Paracelis, pay the farmers the right price for five tons, cash, will you take some? Send us a PM or call/SMS XXXXXX.”

We wrote this for Paracelis, it saved 4,000 kilos of Bananas. We managed it for Paracelis, a family locked down in Baguio City like millions of other families in the country. We have these pictures to prove it, how we love Paracelis.

SABA BANANA RESCUE BUY. We are looking for members who would like to participate in a Saba Banana Rescue Buy, from Paracelis mainly but Sabas too from Echague and Sto. Tomas. It would mean the world to these farmers, suffering from the effects of this Ell Nino heat, if our group gave them a good price. They pray for P40/kg or P399 for 10 kilos.


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