SAGARAN SA SAGADA. Sobra sobrang success ng CRATE HOPE SAGADA. Andie and I are extremely pleased. We wanted to lessen the heavy workload of the staff at RuRi House and to do that, we thought the farmers could help us. We threw the ball to the farmers we are helping in Sagada. We gave them a list of the things we wanted but in the end we told said “Surprise us”. The idea is that they put in what produce is available there as long it’s balanced (wag naman puro canon) and they’re harvested not hat day. We called it the Crate Hope Sagada Edition.

100 boxes, that’s how many Crate Hope Sagada Editions we sold this week. When we tossed this number to the farmers, they could not believe it. They said this is the first time that they had to work together like they have never had to before in order to complete the ten kilos per box. “Oh, ikaw Mang Pedro, sa iyo ang spinach ha? Ate Polon, sa iyo ang mga pechay,” and so on. They even had a white board that detailed how many kilos of which produce each farmer should contribute. On Boxing Day, everyone came together valiantly. Each farmer bringing a box to the vegetable pot luck. Watch the videos and see the wonderful scenes that transpired at Sagada today. “Sobrang pagod kami, Andie!” They said. “But sobrang saya namin. Parang practice namin ito para sa susunod. Kahit every month.”

100 boxes, a van was too small to take them all to RuRi House. We had to rent a bus to transport them! That bus has left Sagada this afternoon, many happy farmers waving in its wake. It will unload at RuRI House at 5AM tomorrow.

This idea, Andie’s actually, is a gem. It has led us to the realisation that we can do this anywhere there are a group of farmers who can work together like Sagada did. And we have many groups of farmers like that! So this week, it’s Crate Hope Sagada. Next week, we can do Crate Hope Kabayan, or Crate Hope Licab, or Crate Hope Bauko, the possibilities are endless! Wow, I am getting excited all over again just telling you about it.

For now, allow us to share with you the videos and pictures from he Crate Hope Sagada event. If you ordered a Crate Hope Sagada Edition or two, expect to be surprised. You will be happy. Thank you very much for helping us help the farmers. It’s a beautiful, beautiful win today.

It’s P1,350 for 10 kilos of fresh and amazing vegetables, truly from the farmers’ hands to yours.


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